The Future

Since, once again, litigation has slowed the grinding of the fertile wheels of Double D/Twin Towers, the future of their celluloid collaborations is, once again, once again, in jeopardy. At this writing, Woody Allen has dropped plans for a suit (claiming it was "beneath my dignity"), but the producers of Day of the Monsters are pressing ahead with their charges (easily proven) that 10 minutes of the movie was lifted directly from their property and merely inexpertly overdubbed by DeRux and Darnell. Cram DeRux has responded, "Hey! It wasn't 10 minutes in a row, for crying out loud!"

It is this reviewer's fervent hope that, once again, Cram DeRux and Darlene Darnell will be vindicated, or at least outlast their tormentors, and be free to unleash their barely adequate, but twisted, creative talents again. Rumor has it that they have, despite the restraining order, secretly begun work on a new film, Cram DeRux's Frankenberry. But the pair are playing it coy. DeRux responded when this reviewer cornered him at a local Target, "Video tape? What video tape? No, I'm not buying video tape. Hey, how'd this get in my cart?" 

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