Dinosaurs: The 5 W's and the H (1987)

Bouyed by this success, Cram played several roles in his next film, Dinosaurs: The 5 W's and the H (1987), as well as an unusual cameo as himself. This film, a putative documentary, marked his second collaboration with director Darlene Darnell, who had been linked to DeRux in the tabloids ever since sharing a Cape Cod cottage with him during the filming of Attack. "DeRux Drools Over Director Diva Darnell" screamed one particularly rabid headline.

DeRux's portrayal of the turgid Dr. Manfred Horscht inspired dozens of impressionable teens to adopt the ill-fitting knit cap, loose, low-hanging trousers, and cranberry down coat garb of the character. The revelation that the "monolith" presented in the film as a new archeological discovery was in fact a bowling ball photographed at close range only served to increase the popularity of the film, even as it depleted the legal defense fund.


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