Attack of the Mutant Lobster (1985)

Cram DeRux received some critical acclaim for his first film, Attack of the Mutant Lobster (1985), in a supporting role to the film's star, Larry the Lobster. DeRux was easily the best thing about this tedious prop epic about a mammoth irradiated crustacean that terrorized a quaint Cape Cod village.

DeRux's raw sexuality and complete lack of humility obviously appealed to a certain insecure element in his audience, causing the creation of the first Cram DeRux Fan Club, who lovingly and tenderly built this Website. However, after DeRux's humiliating relegation to the second screen of the credits, DeRux exclaimed: "With God as my witness, I'll never be billed under the title again!

Based on the ripple of mild interest he received for Attack, Cram insisted upon, and received, billing above the title in what was planned to be his next epic, Revenge of the Craw, a sequel that went bankrupt after 16 weeks of filming and was never completed. Allegations that Cram blew the film's budget on YooHoos, Hostess Cupcakes, and the lavish appointments of his dressing room were never substantiated by the Grand Jury. All charges were dismissed in 1986.  

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