Rumbo in the Jungle (1993)

After an abnormally long hiatus, during which Cram DeRux checked into and out of no less than twelve 12-step clinics ("Gross?" he said. "Whaddaya mean, gross?"), Double D/Twin Towers came roaring back with the spoof Rumbo in the Jungle (1993). A cross between a puerile Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode and Woody Allen's What's Up, Tiger Lily?, Rumbo appears at first blush to be appropriational art of the lowest kind. Meaningless live action (apparently of a family super soaker fight) is interspersed with clips stolen from grade Z monster movies, with pitiful dialog and sound effects amateurishly overdubbed by DeRux, Darnell, and Zack. As you would expect from a DD/TT production, no attempt is made to synchronize the dialog with the lip movements of the alleged actors.

The result, surprisingly, is a sonic tapestry overlaid on an astonishingly satisfying pastiche of schlock and found filmic art. Also surprisingly, the strongest performances are not DeRux and Darnell (as Rambette), but rather Capt. Copycoldcocker as the strident Major, and the voluptuous Mary Ann Scary as Rambabe. Copycoldcocker's pole-up-the-butt performance is enhanced by DeRux's overdubbed Schwartzeneggerian rasp: "Yah! Vat iss dat moosic I am hearing? Does someboddy got a boombox?"; "Yah! Bergantinia: it iss as beautiful as it is vaast!"


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